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Wide Awake

Mindfulness Fasting Retreat


Learning to fast is learning to reconcile with ourselves. By breaking the chains of our daily addictions, we discover an exceptional experience of reconnection. Let the wisdom of our body nourish and heal us.

Formes fanées


Your accompaniment in this fasting experience was just, simple and perfect. Your presence in love is what I liked most. You work in the whole, taking into account individual freedoms, offering varied activities adapted to the needs and desires of each one; including yours for this beautiful balance. Thank you.


Thank you 1000 times for this beautiful stay full of kindness and beautiful attentions! We will be delighted to meet you again for more wellbeing adventures!


Thank you for everything. I love this post-youth energy... life becomes simple, sweet, light. In addition to the gift that my small organism and I give ourselves of a great cleaning. That's why I've been fasting for 30 years.


I really enjoyed the space-time offered! I experienced it very fluently, organically without feeling any tension or other uncomfortable sensations during the stay. Your duo is really one of the top animations I have ever experienced ;-) I did not feel any "organization" or "animation"; rather shared life with resources shared in common. Aho for that it's precious! I felt immediately trusted and respected.

Marie Té,

I was delighted with everything that was offered. All the activities enriched me and made me grow. I really liked the flexibility offered to all of us; feeling free to isolate ourselves at any time when necessary.


I still strongly feel the benefits of fasting and of this beautiful week spent together. I would really like to do it again in the fall. I wish you a sweet and beautiful night.


Coming Retreat :

• From February 20th to 25th, 2023

This stay will take place in the Cévennes, in a site classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You will be hosted in the beautiful Domaine "Le Caussanel", which is one of the only dwellings on the Blandas Causse plateau. Off the road, with breathtaking views of the Causse, you will be between forest and vast stretches of garrigue in an exceptional environment, conducive to rest. The Causse de Blandas is renowned for its exceptional megalithic sites and for having the most beautiful views of the Cirque de Navacelles.


You will be offered many activities and workshops: walks, yoga nidra,  body-breath-voice, mantras, guided meditation, drum journey, music, art therapy, EMDR, EFT, self-hypnosis and free time at will ...



 Accommodation not included*

Accommodation for 5 nights:

+190€ - Shared Room

+265€ - Private Room

The proposal we offer you is to go further in the introspection process than what is already allowed by the fasting experience.

Through the various proposals that bring you into a complete mindfulness journey, we will guide you towards even more letting go so that there can be a before and after.

Gentleness and kindness is our priority.

Regarding fasting itself, it will be water-only and accompanied by broths and herbal teas.

The whole process of dietary descent and preparation for the fast will be sent to you the month before the retreat, a telephone conversation will be held with each of the participants in order to know your motivations, physical and psycho-emotional state to approach the fast in the best conditions.

To reserve your spot and join one of our retreats, or to ask any questions you may have, please contact us :)

The cost above does not include the optional individual treatments that we offer during the afternoon break and after the outdoor activities (massages, reflexology, hypnotherapy, vibrational and energetic treatments, phytotherapy advice and other treatments).

A deposit of 250€ is required to validate your registration.

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Cirque de Navacelle 2
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Facilitator and therapist :


Krystel Gilberton


Energy healer

Sacred Feminine Empowerment

Shamanism Practitioner FSS

Yann Marek
Hypnotherapist and Coach


Vocal coach

Shamanism Practitioner FSS


Information & Registration


Thank you !

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