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The Domaine Le Caussanel, Causse de Blandas

Stay of 5 days and 5 nights, in the heart of the Cévennes


In the heart of the wild landscapes of Causse de Blandas, near the magnificent Cirque de Navacelles, a magical place awaits travelers to offer them moments of tranquility and well-being. This is where the Domaine de Navacelles welcomes you in a privileged and comfortable setting. A spacious and bright place and a whole range of activities allow us to reconnect, share and recharge. Walks and moments of awakening to nature complete the picture for an unforgettable stay.


This retreat is for anyone, whatever their age, wishing to take a moment out of time to take care of themselves and reconnect with themselves and with nature. Come discover a world of peace, well-being and serenity, a world where your mind, body and soul are invited to reconnect. With love and kindness, we offer you a unique retreat, a well-deserved break from modern life. It's time to take care of yourself, reconnect with nature and free yourself from the harmful effects of stress, anxiety and fatigue. We invite you to clear your mind and fill yourself with tranquility and well-being.


We invite you to join us for a magical 5-day experience, where fasting and awakening intertwine to offer you a space of connection, healing and evolution. During this retreat, you will discover the subtleties of the life that vibrates within you and around you. You are free to take time for yourself or join the group. We will offer walks, yoga nidra, guided meditations, relaxations, drum journeys, chants/mantras and various exploration and introspection workshops, such as singing bowl bath, hypno-shamanism, body awakening through breath and voice, energy exploration, art therapy, EMDR, EFT, self-hypnosis and talking circle to help you reconnect with yourself. Treatments will also be offered every afternoon. Come discover all the potential for healing and transformation that this journey will offer you.


Together, we share a deep love for consciousness awakening and well-being, and aspire for these values to spread throughout the world.

Yann Marek :

I am a great traveler, both in the physical and inner world. My pleasure is to share my experiences, passions and dreams with the people I accompany. Over the years, I have specialized in several therapeutic areas. Transpersonal hypnotherapy, therapeutic singing, breathwork, shamanism and music have become my passions. I have learned to appreciate life and to share it in many ways. I offer tools for well-being to awaken consciousness and learn to live in harmony with oneself and others to discover a richer and more beautiful world.

Krystel Gilberton :

I am a consciousness explorer who walks from the heart to inner peace. I use holistic and specialized care to help people connect with their deep essence and open up to their full potential. I offer energy and vibrational care with the help of sound therapy as well as yoga nidra sessions. A qualified herbalist, I have an affinity for plants to heal and accompany in both the physical and subtle realms. I have specialized in accompanying women of all ages to relieve them of the various ailments that can affect them. I facilitate reconnection to their cyclic nature as well as to their sacred feminine energy. My care is designed to help people discover their inner strength and release their blocked emotions. I am sensitive and empathetic, and I strive to create a safe and liberating environment for everyone I accompany.


With Yann :

• Transpersonal Hypnotherapy

• Hypno-shamanism

• Facial and plantar reflexology

• Intuitive accumulation

• Breathwork


• Practitioner in shamanism

Avec Krystel :

• Energy healing

• Sound therapy

• Care and connection to her feminine energy

• Practitioner in shamanism

• Advice in herbalism


PRICES OF THE RETREAT (accomodation and individual sessions not included): :

• 500€

• To validate your registration, you can either pay a deposit of €250 or pay the full retreat fee of €500. • The payment for the accommodation and the balance of your deposit, €250, will be made on the day of your arrival. Payment can be made by bank transfer and cash (cheques are not accepted).


Domaine Le Caussanel

Route de Vissec, 30770 Blandas

Google Map

Owner : Marc Weller

+33 6 81 08 04 21


• 190€ shared room (2 places per room)

• 265€ single room


• €0.90/Night (payable in cash only).


Accommodation includes sheets, blanket, pillow, toilet paper and hand towels.


Outdoor Clothing for Walking:

Bring something to walk comfortably as it can get cold on the Blandas causse in winter.

10°C during the day 0°C at night.

To get dressed properly, the principle of 3 layers is ideal.

• Layer 1: Breathable t-shirt to evacuate moisture and keep the body dry

• Layer 2: Fleece or equivalent to maintain the temperature that suits you

• Layer 3: A waterproof windbreaker (lined or not) to protect you from the elements and wind (Think about the rain cape, light and takes up no space).


• Hiking or trail shoes that do not fear water too much, good pairs of socks.

• For those who fear the sun, bring a hat and sunscreen.

• For those who fear the cold, bring gloves, hat and scarf.

• 1 water bottle or thermos.

• Comfortable backpack.

Indoor Clothing :

• Loose, flexible and warm clothing (jogging or equivalent) for workshops.

• Warm socks or over-socks.

• Slippers (to move around the gites).

• Swimsuit (there is an outdoor and covered pool for those who do not fear the cold).

• Flip flops or Crocs type (Ideal for moving between gite / practice room). Additional items:

• Towel

• Toiletry bag

• Hot water bottle (essential, to be provided).

• For women, menstrual protection (it is common in fasting that menstrual periods occur).

• Blanket or equivalent.

• Meditation mat, zafu or cushion.

• Something to take notes and read.


Email :

Tel :

Yann Marek +33 6 69 57 36 64

Krystel Gilberton +33 6 86 85 37 26


Beginning and end of the retreat:


• Beginning :

We give you an appointment on D-Day ideally from 3 p.m. at Domaine Le Caussanel.

• END :

The retreat will end around 12 p.m., after a brunch.


• Rice mono-diet option (exceptionally if changeover necessary during the week)


The deposit is not refunded in case of cancellation the month before the start of the fast, unless we find someone to replace you, except in case of major impediment with justification. We must ensure a minimum payment for the rental of entire gites that are entirely dedicated to us for the week.

REGISTRATION : To register, please fill out our registration form.

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